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Chang*diaz ° Portland, OR
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outdarethenight said: O_o Anyway, I ran across a few sources that mentioned mouches having shapes and symbolic -positions-. Maybe the author misspoke about the shapes having meaning?marilynkaydennis.wordpr…

Maybe. Whatever actually gave the patches their meaning — people…


Sally Mann - Body Farm

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Anonymous: why isn't representation important? genuinely curious


It’s significant to an extent where one’s image is seen as normal and not otherized in a social setting but beyond that, it’s meaningless. And I’m saying this as a brown woman from Pakistan who has rarely seen Pakistani representation in American media. The funny thing is that the majority of Pakistanis back home or even in the diaspora are not concerned with media representation because it doesn’t translate in material change in the society as far as the under-privileged class is concerned. It’s simple to understand: Representation coined in culture industries is rarely radical. It’s not revolutionary. It’s embedded in capitalism and it only produces standardized cultural images that eventually manipulate viewers into passivity.